Opening hours

MON – THU 0900 – 2100
FRI – SAT 0900 – 2200
SUN 1000 – 2000

About us


We love art and we know that it is a great art to prepare good coffee and give each customer an extraordinary feeling. Each of us is different. Some people like to start their day with a good breakfast, someone likes sweets and enjoy coffee with a dessert, and someone is a night bird and likes to have fun with friends with a good wine or cocktail. And that's our point. Everyone is exceptional for us and each of you are different. But eeryone is at Point Café • Bar welcomed. Here you can enjoy daily joy from 9 AM. You canť be more the heart of Brno than on Liberty Square. Our confectioner will prepare fresh and popular desserts every day, with fresh news. We have expanded our menu, we offer soups every day until 14.00 pm. We have favorable prices and we appreciate every customer, whether it's local or from the other end of the world.

In our unique cellar spaces, we can help you organize a party, meeting, graduation, or a stag party. There is a capacity of up to 60th and and in summer we have outdoor seating area overlooking the square. We are ready to make you happy and we believe, you will love our catering.


On Svoboďák it lives every day and especially on the weekend! And with „tea at 5“ it does´t end here. Regular club events  we start this year. You can enjoy dance party with good music of recent times, and live music events . Our team works on how to entertain and delight you.


We have a lot of plans and some of them are slowly coming to life. Our café will have a new brother -Point Burger. We will offer fresh burgers, Fish & Chips, tortillas and salads. Then it will be easy to spend a whole day with us. You will simply come to us and it will not matter if you have a burger, cocktail, coffee or fresh dessert.

We will be happy to pamper you.

See you at the café.


Our offer

  • Cocktails

    Aperol Spritz99,-
    Cuba Libre 109,-
    Mojito 127,-
    Piňa Colada127,-
    Sex on the Beach119,-
    Cosmopolitan 119,-
    Tequila Sunrise127,-
    Hugo 99,-
    High Society134,-
    Jumbo Cuba Libre for 6 people545,-
    Jumbo Mojito for 6 people635,-
  • Beer - On tap

    0,40 l Budweiser Budvar 12°45,-
    0,30 l Budweiser Budvar 12°36,-
    0,30 l Sommersby Cider 39,-

    Beer - Bottled

    0,33 l Pilsner Urquell 52,-
    0,33 l Corona 84,-
    0,33 l Budweiser Budvar (alcohol free) 39,-
  • Wine - Barel

    0,10 l Ryzling rýzský (white, dry)29,-
    0,10 l Chardonnay (white, semidry)29,-
    0,10 l Zweigeltrebe Rose (rose, semidry)29,-
    0,10 l Modrý Portugal (red, dry)29,-

    Wine - Bottled

    0,10 l Pálava (white, dry)50,-
    0,10 l Rose D’Anjou (rose, semidry)60,-
    0,10 l Malbec Alma (red, dry)60,-
    0,15 l Marca Trevigiana, bianco frizzante70,-
  • Apéritifs

    0,10 l Martini Bianco, Rosso, Extra Dry 64,-
    0,04 l Campari64,-


    0,04 l Bacardi Blanca, Bacardi Black64,-
    0,04 l Capitan Bucanero Elixir74,-
    0,04 l Myers’s Jamaican rum74,-
    0,04 l Legendario Elixir de Cuba79,-
    0,04 l Pyrat XO Reserve139,-
    0,04 l Zacapa Centenario 23 Solera Gran Reserva 139,-
    0,04 l Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva149,-
    0,04 l Millonario Sistema solera 15 reserva especial179,-


    0,04 l Finlandia64,-
    0,04 l Russian Standard64,-
    0,04 l Grey Goose109,-


    0,04 l Bombay Sapphire74,-
    0,04 l Tanqueray79,-
  • Whiskey • Bourbon

    0,04 l Johnnie Walker Red66,-
    0,04 l Tullamore Dew69,-
    0,04 l Jameson69,-
    0,04 l Jack Daniels79,-
    0,04 l Jack Daniels Honey79,-
    0,04 l Chivas Regal109,-


    0,04 l Metaxa 5*59,-
    0,04 l Metaxa 12*124,-
    0,04 l Hennessy Fine de Cognac139,-


    0,04 l Sierra Silver59,-
    0,04 l Sierra Gold59,-


    0,04 l Slivovica Žufánek 50%74,-
    0,04 l Hruškovica Žufánek 45%79,-
    0,04 l Grappa „Sarpa di Poli“149,-


    0,04 l Becherovka (traditional czech herb alcohol)49,-
    0,04 l Jägermeister62,-
    0,04 l Fernet Stock46,-
    0,04 l Baileys64,-
    0,04 l Egg cognac42,-
  • Coffee

    Espresso Lungo49,-
    Espresso Doppio64,-
    Espresso Macchiato54,-
    Latte Macchiato64,-
    Caffé Latte64,-
    Flat White74,-

    Iced coffee drinks

    Frappe (Nescafé, milk, sugar, ice)67,-
    Ice coffee with ice-cream and heavy cream79,-
    Frappuccino (espresso, milk, crushed ice)67,-
    Ice Latte (espresso, milk, ice)67,-
    Espresso & Tonic Rose (espresso, Kinley Bitter Rose, ice)83,-


    Tea (fruit, green, black, rooibos)59,-
    Fresh ginger tea59,-
    Fresh mint tea59,-
    served with lemon and honey0,-
  • Lemonades

    0,50 l Elderberry75,-
    0,50 l Raspberry75,-
    0,50 l Lemon75,-
    0,50 l Cucumber75,-
    0,50 l Pineapple75,-
    0,50 l American 95,-

    Soft drinks

    0,20 l Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero48,-
    0,20 l Fanta Orange48,-
    0,33 l Fanta white grapes48,-
    0,20 l Sprite48,-
    0,25 l Kinley – Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Bitter Rose48,-
    0,25 l Cappy48,-
    0,20 l Nestea 48,-
    0,25 l Bonaqua voda ( still, sparkling)39,-
    0,33 l Römerquelle voda ( still, sparkling)49,-
    0,25 l Redbull69,-
    0,50 l MIX Bonaqua & Cappy79,-
    1,00 l Water with limes69,-
  • Fresh juices

    0,20 l Grapefruit 74,-
    0,30 l Grapefruit 84,-
    0,20 l Orange74,-
    0,30 l Orange84,-
    0,20 l MIX74,-
    0,30 l MIX 84,-


    Banana shake (banana, banana syrup, milk)75,-
    Strawberry shake (strawberries, strawberry syrup, milk)75,-

    Non-alcoholic cocktails

    Virgin Mojito89,-
    Virgin Colada89,-
    Mango/Lychee Ginger Ale85,-
    Orange spritz75,-
  • Breakfast and snacks

    Breakfast (until 11:00 am)0,-
    French breakfast: croissant (2 psc), butter, jam, home-made caramel109,-
    English breakfast: fried bacon, egg and tomato, sausage, beans, bread, butter129,-
    Scrambled eggs (3 psc), with bacon or ham, bread, butter85,-
    Bacon and eggs or Ham and eggs (3 psc), bread, butter85,-
    Roasted toast, fried egg, vegetables and bacon (2 psc)85,-
    Ham and cheese toasts (2 psc) 69,-
    Fresh fruits with white yoghurt99,-
    1 ks bread27,-
    2 ks toast16,-
    1 ks Croissant27,-
    10 g Butter 12,-
    40 g Jam 19,-
    40 g Caramel 25,-
    15 g Honey12,-
    0,20 l Milk19,-
    0,20 l Cacao Milk 29,-
    100 g Fruit müsli39,-
    1 ks White yoghurt25,-




Point Café
nám. Svobody 8
602 00 Brno
Tel.: +420 732 441 111



Kateřina Matyášová
Tel.: +420 776 588 423

Opening time

MON – THU 0900 – 2100
FRI – SAT 0900 – 2200
SUN 1000 – 2000